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Did You Know…

The moisturizers and soaps you use every day may have been made with harmful ingredients. And we all know those ingredients are not always easy to identify.

Your Health is at Risk

It should be easier to spot toxic chemicals in products. That’s why being mindful of “fragrance” is so important…it’s everywhere. Using products made with fragrance means you could be exposing yourself to endocrine-disrupting chemicals or EDCs.

EDCs are chemicals known to mess with hormones and cause health issues. Black women are at particular risk of exposure to EDCs through personal care products they use every day, like moisturizers and soaps.

Our goal is to make non-toxic personal care products an easier choice, especially for Black women.

Fragrance Facts

“Fragrance” is sometimes used to hide ingredients, like phthalates, that can cause reproductive and other health issues. Using fewer products that list fragrance as an ingredient lowers your risk of exposure to EDCs.

Black Women’s Wellness

Personal care products marketed to Black women by well-known big brand often contain more toxic ingredients than products marketed to others. Try non-toxic personal care products made by Black-owned companies.

Free Resources

Cosmetic product safety laws haven’t been updated in decades. The Skin Deep® product and ingredient database provides detailed information about the safety of personal care product ingredients.

EDC Awareness

Makery Thirteen is increasing awareness about endocrine disrupting chemicals, specifically synthetic fragrances, and linking folks to products made with non-toxic ingredients. Here’s how you can help.